Pay Married Again, Oppie Andaresta Not Surprised

Pay BIB and Irene Wedding which took place on Friday (24/09) yesterday was a surprise many people. The reason other than many people think that pay is still married to Dewiq, not many people know about his marriage plans. The friend, Oppie Andaresta claimed no surprise.

Oppie admitted to not shocked because he was one of the few people who know about wedding news personnel from the distant days of this BIP.

"I've heard quite a while if you want marriage Pay. Kabar Dewiq Pay is not the same anymore I also know from long, so it would not surprise Pay suddenly married again," said the singer was bleeding Minangkabau when met at a wedding reception and Pay Irene Jalapuspita Building in Jakarta (24.9).

Oppie also fully supports the decision of Pay to marry Irene. "Pay it is quite old and Irene is still very young. Hopefully Irene Pay can be brought into the family line," he added. Women born in Jakarta, January 20, 1973 is not forgotten deliver to hope for this couple who are happy.

"Pay not old enough, I too would like his mother's equal pay, would be called Host as well as his son Pay later. Hopefully quickly to children, because Pay itukan boys only," added Oppie.

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